9 Jun 2017

Auntie Jane's Trade Mark Tips: No. 2 - EU and British Trade Marks

Jane Lambert

For so long as the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union ("EU") businesses can protect their brand in the UK by applying to:
The conditions for obtaining an EU trade mark are very similar to those for obtaining a British trade mark. So, too, are the rights granted upon registration. It is rather more expensive to obtain an EU registration than a British one but then your mark is protected in 27 more countries.

There will be a problem with EU marks after we leave the EU in that EU marks will continue to apply to the 27 remaining member states but not to the UK. The outgoing government has proposed to pass a Great Repeal Bill which would have preserved the rights of EU trade mark owners in the UK immediately after our withdrawal from the EU. 

The EUIPO is located in Alicante in Spain which seems a very nice place:

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The IPO is in Newport in South Wales.  Maybe not quite so glamorous but jolly nice all the same.

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