8 Jun 2017

Auntie Jane's Trade Mark Tips: No. 1 - The Very Basics

Jane Lambert

If you really were born yesterday and you are not just wet behind the ears but positively soaking, you may find these animations helpful.

The first is called "Trademarks" and was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization ("the WIPO"), the specialist agency of the United Nations responsible for intellectual property, and Indecopi of Peru, with funding from South Korea.  It is about trade mark law generally and is not country specific.

By the way, we usually spell "trade mark" as two separate words in the United Kingdom and most other Commonwealth countries contrary to what the spell checks try to tell you.  Americans combine "trade" and "mark" into just one word.

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I hope you enjoyed that film.  Another that you may like, which is also published by the WIPO with South Korean help, is "Porro and his Friends create a Trade Mark".

Now, here is an animation from our very own Intellectual Property Office ("IPO") in Newport called "IP Basics: Should I get a Trade Mark?" The IPO's video summarizes the law here.

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You should be ready for my articles, "Brands" and "Trade Marks" as well as the IPO's guidance "Apply to register a Trade Mark".

If you have made it this far, you deserve a treat.  Ballet Cymru is another famous institution based in Newport.  Click this link to see those beautiful young dancers perform TIR to the mellifluous voice of Cerys Matthews.

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