Intellectual Assets

Jane Lambert

1 Dec 2016

Intellectual assets are creations of the mind that give one business a competitive advantage over all others. They include artwork, books, computer programs, films, inventions, music, shapes and appearance of things. They can be categorized as
  • Brands
  • Designs
  • Technology, and
  • Works of art and literature.
The investment in creating these assets is protected by a bundle of laws known collectively as intellectual property. The terms intellectual property and intellectual assets are often used interchangeably but they are separate concepts that should never be confused or conflated.

Some intellectual assets can be protected in different ways.  The manufacture of new products, for example, can be protected by simply not disclosing how the product is made (if that cannot be deduced by reverse engineering) or by seeking a monopoly of its manufacture, importation, use, sale or other exploitation known as a patent.

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