Domain Name Glossary

16 July 2017

Administrative Panel
The person who adjudicates a domain name dispute in accordance with the UDRP
Administrative proceeding
Domain name dispute resolution proceedings in accordance with the UDRP
Resolving disputes outside the courts. Examples include arbitration,early neutral evaluation, expert determination, mediation and negotiation
ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain)
Domain managed by a  national, territorial or regional  domain name authority as opposed to one managed by  ICANN or a registrar accredited by ICANN.Domain names registered in  a ccTLD end in a two letter country code suffix
Country Code
A two letter code identifying a country, territory or region on the internet such as “.uk” for the United Kingdom, “.hk” for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and “.eu” for the European Union.
Registering a domain name that is the same as or similar to a trade mark or business name without permission with a view to profiting from it.
An arbitration service established by the Czech Chamber of Commerce and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic.The Court’s Arbitration Center for Internet Disputes resolves disputes involving generic and “.eu” top level domain names.
DRS (Dispute Resolution Service)
Nominet’s dispute resolution service for disputes relating to domain names ending in the letters “.uk”
Domain Name
A mnemonic for an internet address, that is to say a long string of numbers that identifies a website, mailbox or other resource.
The domain name authority for the “.eu” top level domain space
Formerly the National Arbitration Forum. A dispute resolution service for UDRP, URS and country code top level domain disputes
gTLD (generic Top Level Domain)
Domain managed by ICANN or a registrar accredited by ICANN.Domain names registered in the gTLD end in a suffix that indicates the nature of the site such as “.com” for commerce, “.net” for network and “.org” for organization though some gTLD such as “.cat” for Catalonia and “.london” have geographical connotations.
A not-for-profit California corporation based in Los Angeles entrusted with the management of the domain name system.
New gTLD
Generic top level domains accredited after June 2013 that are linked to a business,  industry, location, profession, sport, trade or some other common factor
The domain name authority for the United Kingdom’s “.uk” top level domain
A person who adjudicates a domain name dispute
Trademark Clearinghouse
A central repository for validated trade marks
ICANN’s policy for the resolution of generic top level domain name disputes.
URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension)
A summary process for resolving open and shut cases involving registered trade marks in relation to gTLD introduced after June 2013
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
UN specialist agency for Intellectual Property providing arbitration, mediation and other ADR services including domain name dispute resolution under the UDRP, “.eu” and many country code policies.